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Survey Instruments

The sleep disorders screening questionnaire used validated, self-report screening tools for OSA (Berlin Questionnaire; sensitivity 0.86, specificity 0.77), moderate to severe insomnia (Athens Insomnia Scale: sensitivity 0.93, specificity 0.85),20 restless legs syndrome (RLS Epidemiology, Symptoms, and Treatment questionnaire: sensitivity 0.82, … Continue reading

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Study Population and Recruitment

A total of 4957 sworn police officers in North America (United States 97%, Canada 3%) volunteered to participate in either the online or on-site study component. The on-site portion of the study included intense investigations of amunicipal police department serving … Continue reading

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Sleep Disorders, Health, and Safety in Police Officers

Context Sleep disorders often remain undiagnosed. Untreated sleep disorders among police officers may adversely affect their health and safety and pose a risk to the public. Objective To quantify associations between sleep disorder risk and self-reported health, safety, and performance … Continue reading

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Manufacturers: Roche (Copegus

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Retransplantation for recurrent HCV cirrhosis

Retransplantation is the only therapeutic option to achieve long-term survival in patients with decompensated HCV cirrhosis after LT. Retransplantation for this indication ranges from 3.6% to 44%. Patient and graft survival rates after retransplantation are inferior to those after primary … Continue reading

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Side effects and safety of PegIFN/RBV therapy

The clinical spectrum of AEs is similar to the non-transplant setting. Dose reductions are frequent and drug discontinuation rates are higher than in nontransplant patients. A major limitation of antiviral therapy is tolerability,particularly with respect to the hematologic AEs of … Continue reading

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Pre-emptive antiviral therapy after LT

Preemptive antiviral therapy started within 2-6 weeks after transplantation has the advantage of a relatively low VL and the absence or minimal evidence of histologic recurrence, but is limited by tolerability, particularly in patients with high MELD scores pre-transplantation. Rates … Continue reading

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Prophylactic antiviral therapy in cirrhosis

The main goals of treating cirrhotic patients with antiviral therapy are to prevent the complications of the disease, to halt disease progression or allow for the regression of cirrhosis, and to attain sustained viral clearance in order to prevent reinfection … Continue reading

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Management of recurrent HCV infection following liver transplantation. Part 3

Regarding the calcineurin inhibitors (CNI), most of the studies suggest that there is no significant difference between tacrolimus and cyclosporine with respect to their impact on histologically diagnosed HCV recurrence and graft or patient survival (Iacob 2007, Berenguer 2007). Cyclosporine … Continue reading

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