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Health&Care: Bronchial Dilatation in Asthma

The present study can also be criticized due to the lack of objective measurement of drug compliance; however, we asked the compliance during every visit and always encouraged the patients to take their medication regularly. We believe that if someone is motivated to visit … Continue reading

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Enzyme-Inducing Drug Interactions With Warfarin

Italics indicates those drugs that have supporting level I evidence from both patients and volunteers. tIn a small number of volunteer subjects, an inhibitory drug interaction occurred. j Level II evidence of potentiation in patients. Table 3—Enzyme-Inducing Drug Interactions With Warfarin … Continue reading

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Bilateral diaphragmatic paralysis

Severe diaphragm weakness producing respiratory failure in a MS patient has been reported. A 41-years old man with a three-year history of relapsing progressive MS acutely developed positional dyspnea, marked sensory loss in a C2-C5 distribution and urinary hesitancy. Esophageal … Continue reading

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Health News: Discontinuing smoking

Although our study demonstrates that airway inflammation persists in ex-smokers and is associated with increased extent of COPD-E 4 years later, there are several limitations in the study design, including the small number of subjects studied, the duration of having quit smoking before entering … Continue reading

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Subjects with COPD-E

Repeat visit cotinine assays confirmed that all the subjects with COPD-E were not smoking (cotinine levels at year 4 visit <10 ng/mL), and that the current smokers without COPD-E continued to be smokers (cotinine level at 2 years, 315 ± 84 ng/mL vs cotinine level … Continue reading

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Сhronic bronchitis and smoking

A longitudinal study by Parr et al of subjects with chronic bronchitis has demonstrated in a subgroup analysis that sputum MPO correlated with decline in FEV/ , sputum LTB4 with Dlco decline, and IL-8 with progression of lung densito-metric changes. In our … Continue reading

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Clinical and Physiologic Predictors of Survival in HP

Clinical predictors of time to death or lung transplantation identified on univariate analyses from the entire HP cohort included dyspnea score, crackles on physical examination, need for oxygen therapy, and lung function measures (FVC, total lung capacity, diffusion capacity for … Continue reading

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Increased sanitation also has been blamed for increased atopy

This observation is usually ascribed to meeting new allergens or reaching a personal threshold of exposure to common allergens like grass pollen. However, at least in childhood, there is good evidence that susceptibility depends more on whatever causes the Th2 … Continue reading

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Medical Surgical Critical Illness

Background: In a recent multicenter randomized trial comparing unfractionated heparin (UFH) with low-molecular-weight heparin (dalteparin) for thromboprophylaxis in 3,746 critically ill patients, 17 patients (0.5%) developed heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT) based on serotonin-release assay-positive (SRA+) status. A trend to a lower … Continue reading

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HealthCare: Diseases and Health

Health depends on man’s conscious. Peace, health, power, good feelings and all powers, which exist in man, come out of his conscious. One, who lives in the sphere of consciousness, is calm even without money in his pocket. He is … Continue reading

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