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VKA therapy

First, the experiments of Wessler and Gitel over 40 years ago using a stasis model of thrombosis in rabbits showed that the antithrombotic effect of warfarin requires 6 days of treatment, whereas an anticoagulant effect develops in 2 days. The antithrombotic effect of warfarin … Continue reading

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Subjects with COPD-E

Repeat visit cotinine assays confirmed that all the subjects with COPD-E were not smoking (cotinine levels at year 4 visit <10 ng/mL), and that the current smokers without COPD-E continued to be smokers (cotinine level at 2 years, 315 ± 84 ng/mL vs cotinine level … Continue reading

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Clinical and Physiologic Predictors of Survival in HP

Clinical predictors of time to death or lung transplantation identified on univariate analyses from the entire HP cohort included dyspnea score, crackles on physical examination, need for oxygen therapy, and lung function measures (FVC, total lung capacity, diffusion capacity for … Continue reading

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Physical Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Obesity Being obese is associated with an increased risk of ED, probably due to the effects of obesity on blood sugar levels and circulation. Alcohol and Other Drugs Alcohol is a good servant and a bad master. As we know, … Continue reading

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Premature Ejaculation: Treatment

PDE-5 Inhibitors McMahon et al. subsequently published a systematic review of the efficacy of PDE-5 inhibitors in the treatment of PE in 2006. They found that 13 of the 14 published studies did not fulfill evidence-based medicine criteria for ideal … Continue reading

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